Ice Rink Design & Planning Documents

The following documents have been assembled to help with your planning and design process and are the result of my 25 plus years in the ice rink business.  I have selected some of the more requested and needed information from our extensive library of documentation and information with the intent of making your job of planning and design both easier and faster. If you are an architect or engineer and need any of the below drawings in an AutoCad format, simply let us know and we will gladly provide it.


If you have a question or need not addressed below, simply contact us and we will quickly get you want you need. 


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Design & Planning

Sample Rink Floor Plans

Construction Design Videos On-Line

Book On Ice Rink Design

Ammonia Refrigeration Pros-Cons

Typical Sand Rink Drawings

Typical Concrete Rink Drawings

Building Design Checklist

Typical Sand Rink Install Schedule

Typical Concrete Rink Install Schedule

Building A Community Rink In Steps

Roof Insulation/Low-E Design

Rink Fresh Air Ventilation

Typical Scoreboard Conduit Layout

Resurfacer Room Ventilation

Rental Skate Storage Rack Design

Typical Rink Lighting Plan

Public Skate Mood Lighting Plan

Infrared Sensors For Ice Rinks

Ice Resurfacer Dimensional Sheet

Rink Mechanical Noise & Abatement

Sub-Soil Heat Narrative

Resurfacer Water Supply Configuration

Dehumidification For An Ice Rink

Concession Area Layout & Equipment

Dehumidifier Stand Drawing

"Curbless" Dasherboard Design

"See-Through" Dasher Design

Perma-Ice vs. 1" Poly Comparison

Typical Rink Lighting Fixture

Locker Room Environmental Control

Benefits Of A Mid-Rink Header

Outdoor Sun Load Chart




How To Build An Ice Arena

First Impressions of an Ice Rink

On-Line Rink Financial Pro Forma

Sample Ice Rink Business Plan

GC Cost Punch-List- Excel Format

Rental Skate Size Breakdown Calculator

Secondary Fluid Charge Claculation Sheet

Should You Install A Generator?

Reduce Sewer Tap Fees - Water Plan Ltr

Rink Benefits To Community - BY VSC

Typical Max Single Rink Budget

Typical Max Twin Rink Budget

Amortization Schedule Of Energy Efficiency



Operations & Literature

Defogger Dehumidifier Brochure

Defogger Dehumidifier Manual

Rink Emergency Auto Dialer

Evaporative Condenser Maintenance

Single Phase Chillers Brochure

Single Phase Chiller Manual

Ice Wizard Resurfacer Manual

Ice Wizard Resurfacer Drawing










Porta-Ice Portable Specification

Instant-Ice Portable Specification

Perma-Ice Sand Floor Specifications

Rapid Freeze Concrete Floor Specification

Steel Framed Dasher Specification

Aluminum Framed Dasher Specification

"See-Through" Dasher Specification

"Curbless" Dasher Board Specification

Mechanical Dehumidifier Specification

Desiccant Dehumidifier Specification

Full Rink - Blank Specification